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Electronic Signature of Ascended Master Saint GermainDonations accepted for Saint Germain's non-profit organization, Seventh Ray Foundation reveals secrets to Ascension from Ascended Master Saint Germain given to Troika Saint Germain

Ascended Master Saint Germain has revealed new Ascension secrets, tools, products and techniques ASCENSION and ALCHEMY SECRETS FROM ASCENDED MASTER SAINT GERMAIN

Ascended Master Saint Germain, le Comte de Saint Germain, the Wonderman of Europe, is the Master Alchemist who was known to have lived over 300 years, never aging, partially due to the mysterious Elixir and other alchemical substances he created.

He currently lives in both the Higher Realms; as the Lord of the Seventh Ray which is the Violet Ray of freedom, alchemy, justice, mercy and transmutation, and in the earthly dimension; by physically appearing at times, and through his direct influence and instruction to people he has selected to be his "assistants".

Ascended Master Saint Germain has been appearing to Troika (pronounced Troy-ka) Saint Germain since her childhood. They have shared many lives together in all dimensions. Troika agreed to come into embodiment, at this ascension time, as a portal and partner for Saint Germain. He reveals Ascension secrets, tools, products and techniques to her as a continuation of the products He created in the 1700's. This website offers those products and the information that Ascended Master Saint Germain wishes to share with all who seek them.




MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT - A NEW HIGHER LEVEL ELIXIR! ELIXIR 7th RAY He heard our wishes and desire for an Elixir for these times - to raise us even higher into the 7th Ray frequencies of the coming Golden Age. The secret formula, for the Elixir 7th Ray, was given to us directly by Master Alchemist Ascended Master Saint Germain. It is an Higher Frequency of His Elixir Phase 3, containing the vibrational Essence of additional flowers and herbs, plus the Essence of Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Amethyst and other precious jewels. It is uniquely made in 2 powerful crystal bowls to add even more high frequency vibrations! None of the other Saint Germain Elixirs are made with Crystal Bowls. CLICK HERE to Order.

ACTIVATION REPLAYS AVAILABLE We've had many requests from people who were unable to attend a major Activation to obtain access to a Replay. So we made a page where you may locate Replays. There is no time with Spirit. You will receive the same benefits now as when the event was live. To find them, CLICK HERE.

ALMOST GONE! The beautiful Violet Flame Silk Shawl is down to less than 30 remaining. With the Violet Flame Silk Bookmarks, only 8 are still available. Now is the time to obtain one of these Limited Edition special items before they are sold out. They will not be repeated.

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What To Do While Staying Home?
There are two excellent webinars you could take, one on the Violet Flame, the other named Divine Master Within, which is transformational. Both of them contain vital teachings and Activations to be enjoyed at your own pace, in the comfort of your home :)

VIOLET FLAME WEBINAR! There are Many Ways to Use the Violet Flame. You will Learn a wide range of methods and techniques to benefit you, your family, health, finances, relationships, and the world with this Webinar. CLICK HERE for Info & Registration.

Divine Master Within Webinar! The focus of this Webinar is Energy Transmissions & ACTIVATIONS from Saint Germain! Listen to replays of this amazing series to raise your vibration, ascend your Consciousness, and receive tools to become your own Master! You will still receive the full benefits of the Activations and Transmissions by listening to the replays. Click Here for more information and registration.


 Saint Germain's Elixir of Life Essence™ is the mysterious Elixir that Saint Germain created to keep himself young for hundreds of years. He wished for me to make it as a vibrational essence so that everyone could easily utilize this powerful tool for Ascension.

 TransScents Fantastic vibrational sprays of Gem Elixirs and Essential Oils, brought forth by Ascended Master Saint Germain, that are alchemical tools to help you experience the Higher Frequencies.

 GemEssence Capture the Alchemy of Gems! Three powerful Vibrational Essences, created by Saint Germain, are made of precious gemstones. Raise your vibration with these GemEssences that carry the energy of the New Higher Realm frequencies and beyond.

 Violet Flame Shawl Wrap yourself in a beautiful 100% Silk Shawl infused with Saint Germain's energy. The design features his I AM Saint Germain / Violet Flame Mandala and a detailed Violet Flame Invocation. Gorgeous to wear as an evening wrap while you boost your vibration. You can also sew two together to make a fabulous kimono jacket.

 Saint Germain & Violet Flame Invocation Silk Bookmark These extra large 100% Silk bookmarks make an excellent gift for anyone seeking to know Saint Germain, or wishing to deepen their relationship with him. They are also a great reminder to use the Violet Flame Invocation.

 Ascension Sessions with Troika Saint Germain are now available by Appointment Only. Please read this page for more information about private sessions and transmissions.

New items will continue to be added. Please bookmark this site and check back often.


 Magic's Wand A Powerful, portable, economical, Healing Tool that uses PURE Chi Energy (also known a Zero Point) to raise frequency, harmonize polarity, balance energy and transform pain.

 Purple Plates The Original violet colored plates emit positive energy and affect most objects placed on them. They help to raise the vibrational rate of any individual using them with the basic energy of the Universe. This life-force energy is very beneficial to all life -- plant, animal, and human.

 Vibrational Pendants These large pendants come in two styles -- Grounding to stabilize the new energies that have entered our planet - or - the Expansion style to help you bliss into the Higher Frequencies during meditation and dream time.

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