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Electronic Signature of Ascended Master Saint GermainDonations accepted for Saint Germain's non-profit organization, Seventh Ray Foundation

The Seventh Ray Foundation Presents

Saint Germain Sacred Retreats with Ascension Activations in Mount Shasta, California

Saint Germain Sacred Retreat
in Magical Mount Shasta


 Raise Your Vibration!  Expand Your Consciousness!
 Ascension Activations  Saint Germain, Divine Mother & ArchAngel Blessings  5th Dimensional Journeys  Venusian Heart Activations  Transformational Tools & Techniques  Crystal Bowl Activations  Violet Flame Healing  Starseed Activations
Visit Healing Waterfalls & Sacred Portals on Mount Shasta!


Troika Saint GermainTroika Saint Germain offers Spiritual Alchemy for raising vibration and increasing Consciousness that facilitates permanent, True Transformation. At this Retreat you will experience powerful Higher Realm Activations; Violet Flame Healing; learn to enter your Sacred Heart; connect with Masters and Angels; and receive transformation techniques as taught to her by Ascended Master Saint Germain, Blessed Mother Mary, Goddess Quan Yin, ArchAngels Michael, Gabriel and Metatron. Time with Troika will magically transform you! You will also enjoy Activation from her amazing Crystal Bowls, plus receive highly effective methods to continue your Spiritual Transformation at home.


Paul of VenusPaul of Venus is an Emissary of Love. He is the owner of Mount Shasta Spiritual Tours and your Guide to Mystical Mount Shasta! Ascended Master Saint Germain has revealed amazing Portals to Paul, special places that no one knows but him. He will take you to 2-3 of these fantastic portals each day. You will have the unique pleasure to see the mountain through Paul's eyes. His open heart guidance and your experiences on Mount Shasta will change your life. Paul is fluent in Spanish should translation be needed.


Mount Shasta Spiritual Tours logo Mount Shasta Spiritual Tours -- Mount Shasta Spiritual Tours operates under a special use permit with the Shasta-Trinity National Forest Service.


Mount Shasta is a dimensional doorway to the frequency of Love & Ascension!

Some of the amazing energies you will experience at this Sacred Retreat!



Saint Germain on Mount Shasta

Tentative Time Schedule:

FRIDAY 6 pm - 9 pm Registration Check-in, Retreat Information, Group Introductions, Setting Intentions & an Ascension Activation

SATURDAY 3 9 am - 1:30 pm On the Mountain with Paul
2 pm - 6 pm Transformational Alchemy Activations with Troika

SUNDAY 9 am - 1:30 pm On the Mountain with Paul
2 pm - 6 pm Transformational Alchemy Activations with Troika

MONDAY 9 am - 1:30 pm On the Mountain with Paul
2 pm - 6 pm Transformational Alchemy Activations with Troika

TUESDAY 10 am - 5 pm We will be in Nature all day! We will stop for Lunch (on your own) then continue to other locations. Retreat ends at 5-6 pm

We will keep a flexible schedule for the Higher Realm may delight us with changes, as they are truly in charge of this event.

~ ~ ~ Your SUMMER Retreat Transformation Investment is $1111 ~ ~ ~

US Residents May Use PAYPAL CREDIT for 6 months of INTEREST FREE Payments.
Please convert International currency to US DOLLARS for PayPal.

Please DOWNLOAD Airport Information (PDF) Before You Book Your Flights.

You also may call the office for your payment, 530-926-0770.
To pay by check or money order:

Make payable to: Seventh Ray Foundation
Mail to: Saint Germain
PO Box 733
Mount Shasta CA 96067

Full payment is due 3 WEEKS prior to the Retreat start day.

We are happy to assist in finding you hotel space and pairing up roommates. Call or email us first - before you book - to receive information on the Hotels / Motels that give our group special discounts.

Not included: Transportation to and from your home to Mt Shasta CA or transportation to events within Mount Shasta, lodging, car rental, personal items, food, and private sessions.

Refund Policy There are No Refunds, however, you may apply your balance to another Retreat up to 1 year. Please request transfer of your balance up to 3 WEEKS prior to the new Retreat start day.

Seventh Ray Foundation is a non-profit organization. Your registration is considered as a Donation which might be tax-deductible. Please check with your Tax Accountant.

NOT allowed at this event: cell phones and/or wireless devices of any kind; recording devices of any type; alcohol; drugs; pets; smoking or vaping of any type of substance; burning of candles, sage or incense; causing a disturbance of activities; partial attendance; confrontational behavior of any type. Offenders will be required to leave without refund. ATTENDANCE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. WE REGRET THAT WE CAN NOT ACCOMMODATE HANDICAP PERSONS DUE TO THE OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ATTENDANCE TO ANYONE.

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