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GemEssence™ from Saint Germain

GemEssence photo and gemstones used to make GemEssences
Capture the Alchemy of Gems!
Raise your vibration with GemEssences that carry the energy and vibration of the New Higher Realm frequencies!

A GemEssence is an alchemical liquid that carries a vibrational frequency of the Higher Realms. They are made from complex formulas of precious gemstones, pure Mt Shasta water and brandy. The formulas were given to me by Ascended Master Saint Germain.

Three new frequencies have entered into our world. Ascended Master Saint Germain created three Vibrational GemEssences™ formulas that capture the new energies and make it easier for us to receive them. We are to ground these energies into our auric fields and body so that we may raise our personal frequency to their level. They help tremendously with Ascension.

Each is a complex formula using the very finest quality of Master Cut precious gemstones and metals, such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond, Emerald, Ametrine, Amethyst, a 60 carat heart-shaped Citrine, Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Rare Sapphires of Rose, Pink and Violet, plus other gems. They unite with your Higher Self and I AM Presence in your higher dimensional bodies, where all creation begins the process of manifestation, as well as your mental, emotional and physical bodies.

The highest quality Sacramental Brandy is used to hold the frequency and purity of the GemEssences, as per Saint Germain's instruction. The Brandy becomes a non-issue as the GemEssence is diluted properly into water. However, do not order these GemEssences if you have a judgmental belief regarding this ingredient.

Add a drop or two into a glass of pure water and sip throughout the day, or drink before meditation. Use one formula, two, or mix all three together as your Heart leads you.

GOLDEN AGE -- the Vibration of the New Golden Age; Peace, Harmony, Unity, Abundance, Beauty and LOVE! As you align with the future, you will help manifest the Golden Age into our reality sooner.

Golden Age GemEssence will help bring forth the energy of Divine Abundance and Oneness within yourself. Doing so will bring more peace, prosperity, beauty and unity into your daily life.
$35 -- Click HERE to purchase on a SECURE Shopping Cart

TWIN FLAME RAY -- a new Divine Ray, the Twin Flame Ray, was created in June 2011 and anchored into the center of Mt Shasta. This Ray is the perfect balance of Male / Female energy; also called, the Sacred Marriage of the Bride of Christ; complete Oneness. When we entered into Duality, our soul split into polarity. Our Twin Flame is our other polarity.

Using this GemEssence unites the energy of our Twin Flame within us. We become whole again. Twin Flame Ray GemEssence will help bring forth the Divine Feminine and Divine Male energies within yourself. Doing so will bring more love, joy and happiness into your daily life, as well as, improve your relationships with friends and lovers.
$35 -- Click HERE to purchase on a SECURE Shopping Cart

MASTER St. G -- align with the energy of Ascended Master Saint Germain and open to deeper communication with Him.

Master St. G GemEssence will help bring forth the vibration, energies, and qualities of Saint Germain within yourself. Doing so will bring more freedom, transformation and magic into your daily life.
$35 -- Click HERE to purchase on a SECURE Shopping Cart

TRIO PACK -- Receive one of each GemEssence and save $6!
$99 -- Click HERE to purchase on a SECURE Shopping Cart

Please use the shopping cart to pay by Check or Money Order to figure shipping charges.
Please make your check or money order payable to: Saint Germain.

Notice -- We do not accept returns or issue refunds for this product.
Please consider your use of GemEssence as an experiment.

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Important Notice: Vibrational Essences are not a replacement for physical, emotional or mental health counseling and therapy. If you are dealing with mental or physical health issues get help from a licensed professional. Use essences to help speed your recovery.

This essence is for spiritual and personal growth and is not to be considered as treatment or cures for any medical or psychological conditions. None of the information contained herein is to be considered claims for an ability to treat any medical or psychological condition. It is not intended to replace medical care by a licensed health care professional. You should consult a licensed health care professional for any medical or psychological condition you may have.

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