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Valid through Midnight Jan. 14, 2020.

2020 is an important year of Entrance into the GOLDEN AGE! We offer a very special price on the GOLDEN AGE GemEssence from Ascended Master Saint Germain to assist raising your frequency and matching your energy to that of the Golden Age.

Capture the Alchemy of Gems!
Raise your vibration with GemEssences that carry the energy and vibration of the New Higher Realm frequencies!

A GemEssence is an alchemical liquid that carries a vibrational frequency of the Higher Realms. They are made from complex formulas of precious gemstones, pure Mt Shasta water and brandy. They unite with your Higher Self and I AM Presence in your higher dimensional bodies, where all creation begins the process of manifestation, as well as your mental, emotional and physical bodies.

GOLDEN AGE -- the Vibration of the New Golden Age; Peace, Harmony, Unity, Abundance, Beauty and LOVE! As you align with the future, you will help manifest the Golden Age into your reality sooner.

Golden Age GemEssence will help bring forth the energy of Divine Abundance and Oneness along with peace, prosperity, beauty and unity into your daily life.
$35 reg. -- NEW YEAR'S SALE $20.20!

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