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Electronic Signature of Ascended Master Saint GermainDonations accepted for Saint Germain's non-profit organization, Seventh Ray Foundation reveals secrets to Ascension from Ascended Master Saint Germain given to Troika Saint Germain

By Loren Lewisohn, Copyright 2005

The subject of elixirs is a timely theme of great significance at this important juncture in human evolution. But what are elixirs, you may ask? The answer is both simple and remarkable. Elixirs are rejuvenating substances derived from natural elements, by products of essential essences found in Nature. One way to view this is that Nature's storehouse is a treasure trove of precious nectars, which embody the perfection of the original Edenic cosmic blueprint. All this is well and good, especially in a world where individual and collective well-being is highly desirable from the standpoint of human evolution.

For many centuries, mystics from many cultures have long prophesied a great quantum leap in human evolution that will usher in optimum conditions. Toward this aim, there is great interest in maintaining superlative health in body, mind and spirit. What better way is there than to be cognizant of the healing properties of select natural elements, courtesy of the plant and mineral kingdoms? Also, what ties in is how we can creatively access the Divine Mind, which is the true source of all healing. Toward this salient aim, a new line of natural, organic elixir products is gaining popularity via a Mt. Shasta, California based company known as Saint Germain Cosmetics.

My first introduction to this full spectrum phenomenon came at the local Mt. Shasta Wesak Festival, where I was able to view samples of the product. Subsequently, I was granted an interview with the Founder/President, Ms. Troika Celeste St. Germain. While on the topic of elixirs, the company traces its heritage to the great alchemist and mystic, Saint Germain himself -- one who, by skillful alchemy is said to have extended his physical longevity far beyond what is common to most humans. According to Troika, she claims that the elixir formulas were given to her directly by Saint Germain, expressly designed to preserve health and longevity. According to various reports, Saint Germain was able to preserve his health and longevity in a youthful state for an elapsed time period of over three hundred years!

According to many users, a unique topical serum formula known as Time Warp™ rejuvenates skin with immediate, visible, and lasting results! Furthermore, it helps to reduce lines and wrinkles, tightens and lifts the skin, relaxes facial muscle tension, helps eliminate age spots and acne scars, smoothes skin, refines pores, producing more even skin tones while healing sun damage. It contains scientific leading-edge ingredients such as Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, which are complex chains of amino acids known as polypeptides, Hyaluronic Acid, and Saccharomyces/Copper Ferment. Representing the best of nature is a proprietary blend of 21 botanicals, many of which are Chinese medicinal herbs, Rose Canina Oil, Green Tea, Marine Enzymes, Evening Primrose Oil, Algae Extracts, Co-Q10, and Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A). Remarkably, in many cases the results have been observed with the very first application.

Another revolutionary product, known as TransformEssence™, is also said to have amazing results. Its secret anti-aging cream formula, composed of over 89 ingredients, blends select European and Chinese medicinal herbs with sixteen essential oils, three gem elixirs, all essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals pertinent to skin health, plus a stellar assortment of powerful antioxidants and pharmacy grade nutrients. TransformEssence™ has ingredients that are found in some of the world's most expensive cosmetics. Ms. St. Germain's formulas are highly concentrated, and as an added plus, are priced far less than much of what is currently available in today's booming anti-aging market.

The interesting thing is that these elixirs are not only meant to enhance the physical body, but also are designed to benefit what mystics term the subtle bodies of man; the mental, emotional, and spiritual makeup of each person. Troika explains, "Saint Germain has appeared to me often since I was a small child and has enlisted me to be his "earthly" hands many times. He asked me to bring these products into physical manifestation for several reasons. The most important being that they are tools of transformation designed to assist with personal and planetary ascension. The cream was the first brought forth and is the foundation of what will become an entire line of products. It has ingredients that actually raise a person's vibration and opens their heart and crown chakras. Saint Germain wishes everyone to use this, especially people who are not yet spiritually aware. It will help them to open up, raise their vibration, and therefore, assist the entire planet. That is why I also sell this product to a more mainstream market with an advertising campaign targeted to Beauty and Spa industry professionals and the general public who would be resistant to the metaphysical and spiritual message."

"Breaking the strong 'aging and dying' concept held by the collective consciousness is another purpose of these products", Troika continues. "We are able to live in our bodies for hundreds of healthy years if we wish to do so. There are many people who are beginning to realize this and are making rejuvenation and longevity their goals. However, we are all co-creators on this earth and currently live in a society that possesses a very strong thought-form that believes we 'have to age starting at 30 and die around 80'. We must break-up that thought-form in order to stay young and vibrant for as long as we want. When people start seeing their face and those of their friends 'turn back in time', it will cause them to think differently about 'age' which will then start to crumble that rock hard thought-form. We can reverse 'time' much easier when we no longer have to battle the collective consciousness."

"The baby boomer generation is now approaching 60. Never before have we seen so many products and practices aimed at staying as youthful as possible, including some desperate measures such as Botox and plastic surgery. Detractors may see this as vanity, and to an extent this may be true, but the larger picture is the quest for new expansion of human abilities which has been the recurring drive and purpose of the society altering, new thought, baby boomers. The time for physical restoration, rejuvenation and immortality is NOW for those who dare to dream it."

When asked about the herbal essence, the only elixir that is ingested, Troika comments: "I had asked Saint Germain for his Elixir of Life many times during the past twenty-five years for my own personal use. He always ignored my requests . . . until last year. He said that now the time is right to share it and proceeded to give me a list of the ingredients. I just about fell off my chair as I realized that he was actually giving me his secret formula. Many of the herbs are quite obscure. It took me over six months to locate just one of them. St. Germain also suggested that I create the elixir as an 'essence' to avoid any possible allergic reactions among the public, and to prevent the FDA, AMA, and similar enities from obtaining the formula."

All this makes great sense, for by Cosmic Law, whatever is given in love is the true alchemy, which by virtue of its innate purity must yield increased blessings. Replete with superlative custom ingredients, Saint Germain Cosmetics is bound to create its own special niche. As far as expansion via this new, radiant, rising health star, great opportunities abound to create distribution across the globe. Restore, rejuvenate . . . let our spirits soar!

These products may be purchased in select salons, spas, and metaphysical businesses world-wide; on the Internet; by phoning the Saint Germain office at 530-926-0770; or mail to: PO Box 733, Mt Shasta, CA 96067.

First published in The Spirit Mountain Chronicle, Mt. Shasta, CA, Summer 2005 issue.

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