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NEW! Asian Technology Tool that I call Magic's Wand

A Powerful, Portable, Economical, Healing Tool That Uses PURE Chi Energy to Raise Frequency, Harmonize Polarity, Balance Energy and Transform Pain

MagicI tested this tool on my sweetie-pie, Magic, who had developed severe pain in his back, hips, and hind legs due to the 4 years of abuse he endured before I rescued him 7 years ago.

He was deep asleep when I held the pen about 12" above him while making large clockwise circles up and down his body. In about 30 seconds, he woke up and turned his head over his shoulder to look at me and see what I was doing. I never touched him or spoke to him, or anything else to wake him up - it was just the energy that did.

He had the biggest smile on his face and his eyes were bright and twinkling, neither of which he has been doing much of lately. He got happier and happier the more I used the wand. This is why I call it Magic's Wand!

A few days later, we were having an animal communication session and he was asked if he like the wand. He immediately beamed and said, YES! I LOVE IT! He said it made him relax and the pain went away. He said it made him feel BLISSFUL. Needless to say, I now "wand" him several times a day and right before he goes to bed at night.

I have used Magic's Wand on myself, too, with good results. I feel confident to present them to you. - Troika

DOWNLOAD a PDF Flyer with more information and instructions HERE

Magic's WandMagic's Wand has the unique ability to concentrate life energy, through its tip directly into the body, much in the same way that someone who knows how to direct healing energy, can use "laying on of hands" to effect a healing.

The technology behind it is connected with the embedding of frequencies into a proprietary arrangement of interior crystals and magnets which resonate with the earth and human bio field.

It self-generates its energy, uses no batteries, and lasts indefinitely.

Most people and pets can feel its effects immediately, particularly for both acute and chronic aches and pains. It can open up the chakras and meridian lines in the body, helping to get rid of stress, headaches, chronic pain, cramps, muscle strains, burns, insect bite pain, etc., and much more.

Magic's Wand, is also a wonderful tool to energize your food and water. Plants respond positively to its energy, as well.

This product has sold millions of units in Japan for over $300 each under a multi-level marketing program. I am now able to purchase these directly from an American manufacturer which means I can offer it to you at a fraction of the price!

Magic's Wand is the same size a ball point pen, making it very easy to carry with you wherever you go. Even just having it near your body brings great benefits - look at the photos below.

Before and after photos of aura using Magic's Wand
Photographs taken with the aura camera invented by Guy Coggins.

Video of Magic's Wand entering into the Aura. The wand comes in on the upper left side. Green equals Physical Health & Vitality. Deep Violet is High Spiritual Frequency.

Magic's Wand comes with a Faux Leather Case  $85

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Notice -- We do not accept returns or issue refunds for this product.
Please consider your use of Magic's Wand as an experiment.

To pay by Check or Money Order: please use the shopping cart to
find your shipping charges. Make your check payable to: Saint Germain


The Magical Results of the Wand happened within Minutes.
The First Experience was to fill 2 Cups of Water from a Single Cup of Purified Water. Rotating the Wand, in a Circular Clockwise Direction, for Approximately 2 Minutes over One of the Cups, and not the other, I did a "Taste Test".

I first tasted the the Un-wanded sample, and then the other. The First Sample Tasted Clean and Light, however, when I Tasted the Sample that had the Energy of the Wand, I Tasted a Pronounced Smoother Fullness, which Yielded a much more Refreshing Taste. In fairness to the Test, I reversed the Sampling, and came up with the same results. I found further Validation of Author, Masaru Emoto's, research on the "Healing Powers of Water" and the "Hidden Messages in Water".

I should note also, I own a Water Purification Company, which presents many different challenges in Purifying Water. Therefore, the reasoning for using Purified Water, was to have no other variables, other than Pure Water, for the Comparison Test.

My Second Experience was using the Wand over a Sprained Knee. The Sprain happened a week prior to our 5 hour flight to Mount Shasta. The Sprain, in addition to the Pressurized Cabin, was causing considerable discomfort. I used the Wand for 3 minutes in a slow clockwise motion. Within 3 to 5 minutes, the discomfort subsided at least 75%, and lasted throughout the night. Needless to say, these 2 Experiences validated the Efficacy of the Wand, and Justified the Purchase.
-- I can be contacted through Troika for any additional information or questions. James Fogg, Mahwah, New Jersey

I wanted to let you know what experience I've had with Magic's wand! This is really shocking!!! I have been calling it the "Wilson wand," because I have only used it on my 14-year-old cat. I've, literally, only used it on him a handful of times, mostly on his rear and on his eyes. We had a pretty terrible flea problem in the complex I live in and, in addition to the prescription steroids to control the resulting skin inflammation, I decided to use the wand. Wilson had developed evidence of cataracts, so, just for humor, I used it on his eyes. He LOVES the wand and rubs his cheek on it the times I've used it. I've been a bit distracted with "life," and today, much to my complete shock, I just noticed his pupils are CLEAR!!! I'm truly and absolutely STUNNED... Now I have to go use it on everything. -- Troy S, CA

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