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Advance YOUR Ascension with Saint Germain!

An Interactive, Fun and Informative Weekend of Transformation & Magic!

Have fun as you expand your knowledge and skills with the wisdom of Ascended Master Saint Germain. You will learn how to further develop your Inner Gifts and how to use: • Color • Sound • the Violet Flame • Sacred Fires • Healing Modalities • Sacred Numbers • Manifestation Techniques • Spiritual Laws to raise your frequency towards Self Realization and Ascension, and to assist planet Earth and ALL Life.

Enjoy time outdoors in Mount Shasta, experience an Ascended Master Retreat, Crystal Bowl Concert, and the latest Higher Realm Activations.

Taught with clarity, grace and humor, this inter-active, experiential play-shop is lead by Troika Saint Germain, who has the rare ability to bridge dimensions, make the Esoteric understandable, and the Higher Realms attainable to all.

Join this cutting-edge, yet practical, playshop that will propel you to the next level of your Evolution.

Divine Master Within™ Ascension Play-Shops are held in Sacred Mt Shasta.

Private sessions with Troika are available after the Play-Shop.
Reserve your appointment now by phone or email.

You may also call 530 - 926-0770 or Email us for reservations, travel suggestions
and information about area motels.

Refund Policy: -- Full refund, minus $75 administration fee, is available up to 14 days prior to the start of any Divine Master Within™ Ascension Play-Shop.
No refunds of any kind shall be issued after then.
Optional Tours are refundable, minus $25 administration fee, up to 14 days prior to the Tour date.
No refunds of any kind shall be issued after then.

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