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Electronic Signature of Ascended Master Saint GermainDonations accepted for Saint Germain's non-profit organization, Seventh Ray Foundation reveals secrets to Ascension from Ascended Master Saint Germain given to Troika Saint Germain

Troika Saint GermainTransformation Services

Private Guidance Session
Troika (pronounced Troy-ka) will guide you to the Sacred Chamber of your Heart where you will connect with your Divine Self, Guides, Angels, Saint Germain and other Masters. As you ask questions, or state a problem you might have, the Magic happens. Depending upon the situation, you may receive Divine Guidance, Healing, or an Activation - sometimes a combination. Every session is unique, personal and transformational. An MP3 of your session is available to download.
These sessions are by Telephone Only, not in-person. Please see the In Person Services in Mount Shasta further down the page.

Today (10-10-19) I had a unique and skillful healing session with Troika in removing implants. Her guidance and knowledge has helped me tremendously. My first session with Troika helped me shift from a lower vibration to a higher vibration. I have also been challenged for over 2 decades with negatives psychic attacks and negative cording, and are now gone. I have tried many different healers and healing. Troika is the only one who helped me. She is a shining light and caring person. I am very grateful. ~ Maria D in Australia

My private session with you was very helpful, giving me spiritual advice I can put into practical use in my personal and professional life. The new way of approaching astrology for my clients will help them, too. Thank you for a beautiful reading with uplifting messages and guidance. ~Sandra M, Baltimore, MD

I really wish to thank you. I was literally blown away during our session and had many "ah ha!" moments. I have been working with the Violet Flame and my Higher Self yet the connection you helped me make opened me up to even more than what was already coming in. The advice you gave me on easily stopping an unwanted habit really worked. You also helped me see some things I needed for my life. ~Simone K, WY

Order a Saint Germain Private Session (average of 1-3 questions/issues) -- 30 Minutes -- $197.
Order a Saint Germain Private Session (average of 3-5 questions/issues) -- 60 Minutes -- $377.

You will be charged for extra minutes taken past your session time. There are no refunds on sessions, however, you may reschedule sessions with 48 hour notice.

NEW! Ascended Master Saint Germain 5D Activation Session!
A new 5th Dimensional Ray and Frequency has entered the Earth. This Activation will attune you to this new Ray and integrate it into your physical body. You will also receive an upgrade to your chakra system that will allow your body to receive and hold more Light and raise your frequency for Ascension. You will receive an MP3 recording of your Activation so you may repeat it often for an even deeper integration.

Order a Saint Germain 5D Activation Session -- 45-75 Minutes -- $377

So happy and grateful for this 5th dimension upgrade and to all that assisted me in the process; you, St. Germain, Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. I'm still listening to the replay and doing my activation several times a day so I can get this Fully integrated into my body. I am so blessed! ~Delores F, Ohio

Ascension Flame Transmission
These Transmissions do not require an appointment nor do you have to be present on the phone with Troika. Saint Germain, and Troika as the earthly anchor and conduit, transmit the highest vibration of the Ascension Flame energy along with the Violet Flame to you. Your Higher Self holds the energy for you, administering it to you in the best way for your Spiritual Growth and Transformation. Experiences are unique for each person. Troika usually sends the energy late at night, Pacific time, or sometimes on weekend afternoons. All you need to do is to set your intention to receive. They may also be GIFTED to any one you wish.

I received three Ascension Flame sessions in late Feb/early March (2018) and wanted to share my experience. The experience is not easy to articulate and was not a singular experience. Over the course of the last month I have experienced waking up more to myself. There has been an uplift and lightening which at the same time opened up some unconscious emotions/grief. Opening up the emotions has been a relief in that they are releasing more easily and I can now feel myself more deeply.
Thank you for what you are doing, and to St Germain, too.
~Harlan M, Minnetonka, MN

Order Ascension Flame Transmission -- $77.
Order Series of 3 Ascension Flame Transmissions -- $197.
There are no refunds on these sessions.

Saint Germain Life & Business Coaching
Draw upon the vast knowledge and experience of Saint Germain and Troika to create the life and/or business of your dreams. We will help you to define your Mission and desires; create a life business plan; set goals; provide practical information and resources; encourage and support you to manifest your Destiny. We suggest sessions be twice a month, however, you may set your own pace. Average session is 60-90 minutes. You will be able to download an MP3 of your sessions.

Thank you so very much for the wonderful session with St. Germain. I feel truly blessed and very grateful for the opportunity. I clearly felt the frequencies within me shift immediately and felt a calming and revitalizing lift that has lasted. Several days after the session, I received a call with a great offer to work with some spiritual people, at a much higher rate of pay than at present. I intuitively felt it to be just the right opportunity for me at this time, and felt that St. Germain clearly played a part in making this available to me so easily and gracefully - a great beginning in the manifesting department! I will be calling you soon to set up another appointment, as I now perceive the next deeper level of pondering, reflections, and questions. Thank you again and blessings, ~Miira D, CT

Silver Series of 6 Saint Germain Life Coaching Sessions -- $2177
Gold Series of 12 Saint Germain Life Coaching Sessions -- $4377
Platinum Series of 18 Saint Germain Life Coaching Sessions -- $6377
There are no refunds on sessions, however, you may reschedule sessions with 48 hour notice.


One–on–One with Troika
Spend private time with Troika in magical Mt. Shasta. The day's activities will be created just for you based upon your preferences. You will receive Transformational Activations and personal guidance from Saint Germain. This is an excellent opportunity to work on any issues you wish to change in your life, or advance to your next level of growth. You may also choose some of these options: discover your Soul's Mission; create a plan or blueprint to fulfill your Mission; receive guidance on how to align your business & Mission; explore Past Lives for clarity on this lifetime; learn more about Ascended Master Saint Germain and his teachings; ask anything that interest you about your personal life, explanations of spiritual teachings, etc.
Click on the Half Day or Full Day link to reserve your date which is subject to Troika's availability.

Troika Saint Germain’s guidance via St. Germain resulted in the largest spiritual jump I’ve ever had in my life. Since then, my growth has accelerated exponentially, which I “know” is a result of Troika’s teachings. When one is in the presence of Truth and Love one’s vibration rises. As well, St. Germain has become a part of my life. He is one of my “team” and guides me unfailingly. I am so grateful for that one email which compelled me to go to Mount Shasta to meet with Troika who took us on experiential and unforgettable journeys. These journeys are still so vivid I am able to re-live them at any moment. Troika is a blessing to anyone who meets her as well as the most humble, human soul you would ever meet. -- Julie Calvey

Reserve a 4-5 Hour Half Day -- $2777.
Add additional people at $1077 each.

Reserve an 7-8 Hour Full Day -- $3777. Can be taken as 2 Half Days.
Add additional people at $1777 each.

Ascension Workshops, Lectures and Seminars
Your group may schedule a private or custom Workshop, to be held in Mt Shasta, CA. You may also sponsor a workshop in YOUR area. Cost varies, please call 530-926-0770 for more information.

Please call or email to schedule appointments, arrange workshops, or to discuss any other type of event, interview or public appearance you may have in mind.

More Testimonials

What can I say? I don't know how you can change so many lives in such profound ways, but I am thankful that you can. My life has been on an upward spiral since the day I met you. Thank you a million times! ~Dee Sponsler

YOU have literally changed my being and my life - Bless you Troika! ~Sharon Bennett

Thank you Troika! Every time I hear you, my heart is flooded with such love. It really is beautiful. You again unravel and clear all the blockages....past, present, future....I am willing. ~Love, Delynn Curtis

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to receive such a powerful message and, joined with my guides, placing me in the perfect space of all. Yes, I loved the conference and the meditation was outstanding. Thank you so very much beautiful Venus woman, Troika! ~Karl Kern

Thank you for sharing your gifts and wisdom. I am deeply grateful for all of you who have brought these tools for healing and transmutation to the masses. Certainly my higher self drew me to your interview. Your information about the shift was clear and reassuring. The meditation was very profound for me.
Also thanks for your personal response. I know you must stay very busy so it is greatly appreciated. Hope you will continue to be interviewed so that others can benefit ,as well. And that I may have another opportunity to hear you.
~In gratitude, Lucetta M.

I wanted to write you to let you know I am doing a lot better since my session last night. Today some neat things happened and I felt very loved and supported. I worked with the violet flame as you suggested, and continue to do so. I notice a difference! I went to the gym and also did not overeat! That was the first time I hadn't in a really long time. I feel a shift toward a more positive direction again. So I wanted to get back to you to say thank you again for the time you spent with me and for your patience with me. Also, I appreciate your honesty and directness about my responsibility in changing my life. That was good to hear and very helpful. Thank you very much. Love, ~Elizabeth, CA

Troika is the purest expression of the great alchemist Saint Germain, I have ever seen in over 20 years of my spiritual work. Many claim to channel the Great Alchemist, Troika IS the Great Alchemist. Just by simply being in the presence of Saint Germain within Troika, a deep alchemy of the Soul occurs, the heart opens and your life is completely transformed. Troika is the real deal; she is truly the pure - undiluted expression of Saint Germain right here, right now. It would be worth your weight in gold to experience the Grace, Love and Compassion of Saint Germain through Troika Celeste Saint Germain. -- Rev. Jonathon F, Saint Cloud, FL

Meeting Troika in the early 80’s in Los Angeles, I could feel the energetic pulse she had.... We worked together over the years and I have seen her grow deeply as a self-realized spiritual human being. It’s not so much about the persona in her work as it is the message and the integrity. That energetic pulse has transformed into a sensitive hum that anyone can feel, if not sense, at first meeting. Her focused listening and all pervasive heart create a perfect balanced vessel for the St. Germain essence to transmit through.... Keep up the blessed work! ~Ce Ann, Channel, Intuitive Consultant and Futurist, Sedona, AZ

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