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Please attend these Calls with Saint Germain, ArchAngel Michael, and other Beings of Light to CREATE THE NEW EARTH!

As a Group we will create the New Earth through the power of our Heart and Mind plus various Manifestation techniques. We visualize the world how we wish it to be, and then ask Divine assistance to help us create it. We will also send Healing Energy and Prayers to the Earth, plus address current situations.

Calls will be 60 mins. or less, however, Q & A might last beyond the 60 mins.
REPLAYS are Available for all sessions. They Are Just as Powerful as the Live Calls :)

These calls are free, however, we do appreciate donations to our non-profit organization. There is a Donation button at the bottom of this page.

Saint Germain says that the purpose and focus of this series is for us to Be of Service to the Earth and All Life for Transformation & Ascension. The World really needs for us to STEP UP, SHIFT the ENERGY, and CREATE the NEW EARTH!
In addition, YOU will Shift Your Energy and Create the New You and personally Benefit, as well.

What you do to others, you do to your self.
A Blessing given is a Blessing received.

All Calls use this Phone Number: (425) 440-5010 and PIN Code: 308328#
For a local dial-in number, including International numbers: Click Here
or copy and paste into your browser.

OR, You may connect to the call using the link to connect. You can then choose Web Call which will connect you the same as a phone. It is like "Skype" only better and free. Come on-line a bit early to set-up the web call.

2020 Schedule

Sunday, Jan 5 CLICK HERE for REPLAY

Sunday, Jan 19 CLICK HERE for REPLAY

Sunday, Feb 2 CLICK HERE for REPLAY

Sunday, Feb 16 CLICK HERE for REPLAY

Sunday, March 1 CLICK HERE for REPLAY

Sunday, March 15 CLICK HERE for REPLAY

Sunday, March 29 CLICK HERE for REPLAY

Sunday, April 19 CLICK HERE for REPLAY

Sunday, May 3 CLICK HERE for REPLAY

Sunday, May 17 - There is a problem with the replay - it is only music. I will post a link if we can get the actual recording up.

Sunday, June 7 at 3 pm Pacific

Sunday, June 21 at 3 pm Pacific

Click Here for 2019 Replays

Your tax-deductible donation will help support these free Ministry Services
provided by the Seventh Ray Foundation - Thank You

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