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Electronic Signature of Ascended Master Saint GermainDonations accepted for Saint Germain's non-profit organization, Seventh Ray Foundation reveals secrets to Ascension from Ascended Master Saint Germain given to Troika Saint Germain

Violet Flame & Saint Germain Mandala Silk Shawl

Violet Flame & Saint Germain Mandala Silk Shawl

Surround yourself with the Energy of Ascended Master Saint Germain and the Violet Flame
with this beautiful, Divinely Inspired Shawl.

The Violet Flame Will Transmute Negative Energy into Positive Energy.
The Violet Flame is Spiritual Alchemy in Action!

This beautiful 100% Silk Shawl is infused with Saint Germain's energy. The design features his Mandala. The invocation, "I Am Ascended Master Saint Germain Calling Forth the Violet Flame of Compassion, Mercy, Freedom and Transmutation. Allow the Violet Flame to Transmute All That No Longer Serves into the Ascension Flame and Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness.", is repeated around the scarf as a border.

Gorgeous to wear as an evening wrap while you boost your vibration. You can also use it as an Alter Cloth, or sew two together to make a fabulous kimono jacket.

100% Fine Silk • Shawl Silk size 68" x 18". There is 12" fringe on each narrow side, which is not shown in the illustration graphic. Total size is 86" x 18".

The I AM Saint Germain & Violet Flame MandalaThe I AM Saint Germain & Violet Flame Mandala:
Ascended Master Saint Germain revealed this image as his new electronic signature and the symbol of the new Golden Age. It is a loving heart-shaped Violet Flame, of balanced male-female energy, containing the Divine Golden Spiral of Creation within it. He asks that we use this very powerful Mandala as a focus point during meditation to connect with His highest energy, raise our frequency for Ascension, and to bring forth the Golden Age into our physical reality.

Violet Flame & Saint Germain Mandala Silk ShawlAbout Silk:
Silk can be programed similar to a crystal. These shawls have been programed with the energy of Saint Germain and the Violet Flame. The more you hold your shawl while doing Violet Flame Invocations, and setting intentions, the stronger the program will become. Silk also deflects negativity. Ancient Samurai knew this and always worn silk garments under their armour as additional protection. They believed that their armour may protect their body, but that silk protected their Soul.

Silk’s combination of softness and strength has made it a favorite fabric for almost 5000 years. As a natural fiber fabric, silk can keep its original color and texture for years if cared for properly.

Limited Edition - ONLY 27 Remain - When they are gone, they are gone forever.

These shawls also make the perfect unique gift for those special people in your life.

Violet Flame Shawl $150

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Shawl Care Instructions:

Despite its luxurious appearance, silk is relatively an easy care fabric. With proper cleaning and care, your silks can stay looking new for as long as you own them.

• Keep your shawl away from make up. The chemicals in perfume and most cosmetics will destroy the colors and the fabric of silk.

• Do not knot your shawl in the same place each time you wear it. It will cause friction and damage the fiber and color.

• Avoid ultraviolet rays and strong sunlight for extended periods.

• Hang your scarf in a cool, shaded, well ventilated place when not in use or place it in a protected container.

• Keep your shawl dry.

Hand Wash in lukewarm water with a small amount of Woolite or Ivory soap flakes. Add a pinch of borax or a few drops of ammonia if you have hard water. Gently swish shawl through the soapy water, avoid hard rubbing. Rinse thoroughly in cool water. Soaking silk for any length of time can cause the dyes to run and should be avoided.

Dry Shawl by rolling it in a towel and pressing out the excess water. Then hang it up to dry. Heat sources and direct sunlight can yellow silk, so allow your scarf to dry in a cool place. Even in cool air silk can still yellow. To prevent this, your scarf can be ironed dry instead.

Ironing and Storage Silk should be ironed only when damp. If your shawl has dried before ironing, add moisture to it with a damp cloth or spray bottle. Use a low setting without steam and iron on the reverse side of the design. Apply only gentle pressure to the silk to smooth the wrinkles out. For long-term storage, keep silk in a cotton pillowcase or other material that can breathe. Avoid plastic.

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