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Asian Technology Vibrational Pendants

Introducing a Revolutionary Way to Change Your Mood, Have More Energy, Stay More Focused, Reduce Your Stress, Be More Inspired, and Sleep More Soundly!

I have been wearing these pendants for several months now and I can really feel a shift of energy with them. I feel confident to present them to you. - Troika -- UPDATE - It has now been years that I have worn these wonderful pendants. The Grounding one is my favorite because it "grounds" in the Higher Realm energy into my physical body.

These stainless steel pendants are placed in a chamber where they are left for a period of time and bombarded with frequencies. The frequencies are imprinted in the molecules and when the pendants are removed from the chamber, they hold the frequencies.

When placed in proximity to the body, it causes the body's energies to come in balance, which causes all the beneficial results. Each person responds differently. Some put it on and notice an energy immediately. Some don't notice anything until after a few days, when they notice their energy level is higher. They notice if they stop wearing the pendant, their energy level drops. Some people even notice a decrease in their aches and pains. Some students are able to concentrate and focus better. The responses are very individualized and work on one's area of weakness.

These photographs were taken with the aura camera invented by Guy Coggins, showing the shift in the colors of someone's aura wearing the pendant.

 Model A - Grounding
Best worn during day time hours. Grounds the Higher energies to you. Helps with Focus, Concentration, Vitality, Energy, Alertness, Sports, and Endurance.

1" Stainless Steel Pendant with 26" Chain - $48
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 Model B - Expansion
Best worn during night time hours. Helps with reaching the Higher energy fields and dimensions; Inspiration, Meditation, Contemplation, Unconditional Love, and DNA Activation.

1" Stainless Steel Pendant with 26" Chain - $48
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