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Electronic Signature of Ascended Master Saint GermainDonations accepted for Saint Germain's non-profit organization, Seventh Ray Foundation reveals secrets to Ascension from Ascended Master Saint Germain given to Troika Saint Germain

By Troika Saint Germain, Copyright 2006

All of Life is Energy that vibrates at various frequencies. Each frequency has its own life patterns and manifestations. The simplest example is that of a radio. Each frequency or station has unique programming. If you change the station . . . you change the tune.

The Universe is the ultimate "radio" and we each vibrate at our own frequency. The way we can change our personal life, or that of planet Earth, is to shift frequency to "play the tune" we wish to be or to create.

Ascended Master Saint Germain has said that, in truth, all one really needs to do to change any aspect of their life, heal any dis-ease, create abundance, or achieve Transfiguration of the physical body into the Ascended Realm, is to raise their vibration and frequency.

What does it mean to raise one's vibration or to increase one's frequency?

Vibrational frequency is defined as the rate at which the atoms and sub-particles of a being or object vibrate. The higher this vibrational frequency, the closer it is to the frequency of Light. Everything we do, every word we speak and thought we think sends out a vibration that attracts to it an experience of like vibration. Very simply stated, if we send out fear, we attract fear. If we send out love, we attract love.

Raising of frequency can be done by anyone. In addition to the personal benefits gained by vibrating to a higher frequency are the profound effects produced in the world and all life forms. Each person who shifts higher affects the entire planet, as all of life is lifted along with them to a certain degree. This is the way that World Peace can be achieved. It is already happening in many ways naturally as the vibration of the Earth is being raised in preparation for the Ascension into the Golden Age which is the Shift every religion has predicted will occur. According to the Mayan calendar, it is scheduled to take place in the year 2012.

There are many ways to achieve a vibrational shift into a higher frequency. Your Intention to do so is an important first step. Various ways to raise your personal vibration are:

Working with the Violet Flame to transmute karma, negative emotions and actions, and heavy energy is extremely effective and important.

Prayers and energy work with your Higher Self, Ascended Masters, Angels, other Guides of Light, and of course, the I AM Presence.

Choosing Higher States of Consciousness and actions. I say, "choosing" because we DO have choices available to us. We can make the choice to be Non-judgmental, Kind, Considerate, Calm, Peaceful, Loving and Grateful. As we consciously chose these states, we become those states permanently, all of which are High Vibrations.

Surround yourself with people, places and objects of High Vibrational Frequencies. This is easily done through your choices. For instance: chose calm and soothing music over loud and discordant rap; choose to wear and be surrounded by colors that are called the pure jewel tones and pastels over muddy and murky ones, or "wild" patterns; select art and photos of Angels, Masters and Sacred Sites for your bedroom and work areas; choose friends who are also on a spiritual path and have Light and integrity; eat unprocessed natural fruits and vegetables as much as possible while avoiding processed foods with lots of chemicals; use products and other items that were designed to lift your frequency. We can learn to choose "higher" by setting that intention. Think consciously as any opportunity for selection is presented. Always ask yourself, "How does this make me feel?", and choose the one that makes you feel the lightest and happiest. In no time, the ability to choose "higher" will become automatic.

Ascended Master Saint Germain has honored me with the assignment of being the Earthly hands to bring forth new alchemical products and tools of His design to help humanity experience the Higher Frequencies. First were an anti-aging skin cream, followed by a skin serum, and then His Elixir of Life Herbal Essence. Thousands of people located throughout the entire world are receiving tremendous benefits and transformation using these products.

The newest additions of these high vibrational products, TransScents™ Vibrational Sprays, were introduced at the New Living Expo in San Francisco, April 2006. These extraordinary sprays are made with Gem Elixirs and Essential Oils. They produce an immediate shift into the Higher Frequencies and smell Divine, too. By temporarily shifting your vibration with them you will become more familiar with these Higher States of Consciousness and find them easier to achieve on a permanent basis. Sometimes we just need a map, or experience, to help us along the way . . . these are the maps to the Higher Frequencies.

There are 6 formulas which are -

Saint Germain -- Essence of Ascended Master Saint Germain
Use this one to call in Ascended Master Saint Germain, Lord of the Seventh Ray and Architect of the Golden Age, anytime you desire to experience his energy, especially to receive his guidance and communicate with him. His qualities are; Freedom, Dignity, Intelligence, Elegance, Diplomacy, Alchemy, Manifestation, and World Service.

Violet Star -- Essence of the Feminine Aspect of Saint Germain and The Violet Planet
Experience the gentle feminine aspect of Saint Germain. Use this spray to develop compassion, mercy and forgiveness towards yourself and others. It is also the vibration of the Violet Planet, which is the Heavenly home to many Starseeds. Qualities are; True Forgiveness, Freedom, Compassion, Mercy, Justice, Equality, Beauty, Artistry, and Grace.

Flame -- Essence of The Violet Flame of Transmutation
Use to call forth the Violet Flame to clear and transmute negativity within yourself or in your surroundings. This spray is excellent for Healers to use in their treatment rooms. First ASK for transmutation to take place, and then after the clearing has happened, fill yourself and the room area with The Divine Golden Light.

Alchemy -- Essence of Spiritual Alchemy That Turns Lead to Gold
Use the magical, mystical energy of Alchemy to help manifest your wishes, goals and desires into this reality. Remember that True Alchemy is the transformation of the lower human self into the Ascended Divine Self.

Ascension -- Essence of Ascension into the Higher Realms
Call in the energy and vibration of Ascension during meditation. Learn to take your body, mind and spirit to that high level of consciousness and Ascend into the Higher Realms. (Please do not use this one while driving.)

I AM Presence -- Essence of The Blessed I Am Presence
Use with the Greatest Respect during prayer or meditation to connect with your Beloved I Am Presence, Highest Energy within our existence, also known as God, Source, One Spirit, Creator and The All That Is. (Please do not use this one while driving.)

First published in The Spirit Mountain Chronicle, Mt. Shasta, CA, Summer 2006 issue.

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